Who is Winson?

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Winson Shuen and this is where I throw down my thoughts, life lessons, and otherwise some very dorky topics (like videogames :D).

Why do kids love me?

Before the ubiquitous rise of blogs, I used to keep an online journal in GeoCities documenting my journey as a sheltered, closeted teenager living in San Francisco. It was poorly written and at times pretty melodramatic, but the website also felt authentic and was updated in real time — and because of that it resonated with a lot of people.

It’s been years since then and I’ve explored a lot of other media, but there’s just something… special and delicate in personal storytelling. This website is the canvas where I continue to learn and expand on that very idea.

Milestones / Timeline:

1999: Launched my first website with an online journal documenting my coming out and college experience.

2007: Trained, ran, and finished a full marathon to raise money for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

2008: Launched lovewins.ws, a postcard project to raise money for the Empowering Spirits Foundation.

2010: Launched CantopopTranslated.org, a website providing Cantonese Pop song lyrics with English translations.

2011: Landed a dream job at IGN.

2013: Created the 100 Words for 100 Days project, where I documented my life in exactly 100 words for exactly 100 days.

2013: Changed online presence to a monochromatic focus.

2015: Created Ingredients of Fear, a six-part writing + audio project where I would peel back the onion and reveal everything that’s been holding me back.