My quirks with Android 2.2

tl;dr – For the most part I love the T-Mobile G2, but am annoyed by some of the unpolished quirks in Android froyo 2.2.

I recently got a new T-Mobile G2 from HTC, and for the most part I love it. Before that, I’ve only used an iPod touch along with my Blackberry Bold so I was curious to give an Android phone a try. I know it takes some getting used to using a different operating system, but a week into the phone I’m finding the OS to lack the polish that I’ve grown accustomed to from Apple.By polish, I don’t mean anything major enough to be a dealbreaker, though there are enough quirks in Android that I’m becoming more irritated by the day. For example, when I press the search button in the contacts app, a text field pops up but not the on-screen keyboard. Instead, I have to also click on the text field to being searching for my contacts. I don’t understand why doesn’t the on-screen keyboard just pop-up automatically when I press the search button, I mean, what else am i supposed to do with that blank screen?

It’s just little things like that, how there’s no way to precisely place a cursor to modify a word in the text field and the built-in trackpad isn’t sensitive/accurate enough to do the job, or how the screen doesn’t light up briefly when i receive a text or e-mail message, or how I can’t hold down a letter in the physical keyboard to capitalize a letter the way I can in Blackberry devices. Small attention like that can really add up to an overall better user experience.

To be fair, I’ve also had my quirks with my Blackberry Bold, if not more. Or even for my iPod touch to a certain extent. I’m probably being too harsh on Google since Android is only at 2.2 while the Apple iOS is at version 4.0, but this makes me realize how much of a stickler I am to clean, tight user interface designs.

A lot of people have since told me how I can install apps or root the system to overcome these quirks, but my stance is that I need my phone to work with me, not the other way around. When I buy a toaster, I shouldn’t need to unscrew and hack everything just to toast a piece of bread. Technology should work with us, not the other way around.

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