DirecTV drops G4TV

tl;dr – DirecTV’s recent move in dropping G4TV isn’t really bringing me to tears. I just hope X-Play will have a home when time comes.

G4TV - Image from WikipediaDirecTV has recently decided to remove G4TV from their channel lineup. I’m not sure how the tech-focused channel is doing as a whole, but DirecTV has about 18 million subscribers the last time I checked and losing that many potential viewers can’t possibily be good no matter how you look at it.

Then again, I never had G4TV even though I’ve been a DirecTV customer for the past four years. I do, however, watch their shows occasionally on hulu and subscribe to their video podcasts [iTunes link], and from what I’ve seen, I can’t say I’m much of a fan of the network.

With the exception of X-Play, the network has never offered anything that captivated me. I understand the network is set up primarily for the college male audience, being tech-focused at all, but every time I tune into their shows (namely Attack of the Show!) there lies absurd amounts of sexist comments. From Olivia Munn stuffing hot dogs in her mouth to Kevin Pereira constant belittling to his female co-hosts, I’m surprised how they never got in trouble for it. Even Fox News wouldn’t dare to treat their replaceable blondes the way G4TV does.

X-Play logo - Image from WikipediaThe only show that stands out for me would be X-Play. I used to watch the videogame review show since their humble beginnings at TechTV, and even then Adam Sessler has always been one of my favorite videogame journalists. The reviews on the shows are fair, but more importantly the shows themselves are entertaining. In a way, X-play is to a videogame show as Good Eats is to a cooking show.

X-Play has since been expanded to web shows lineup, now including Sessler’s Soapbox (that man sure can talk!) along with my recent favorite – Feedback. One of the regular contributor in Feedback is Abbie Heppe, an up-and-coming videogame reviewer who has recently won me over with her harsh review on Metroid: Other M. (Even though I really shouldn’t have read it before playing the game!)

So who knows what this will mean for G4TV moving forward. Maybe they’ll be fine, or maybe Comcast will end up selling the channel; but either way, I’m not particularly saddened if G4TV end up going under. I just hope X-Play will find a new home somewhere if / when that day comes.

3 thoughts on “DirecTV drops G4TV

  1. “On October 30 2010, Attack of the Show! host Kevin Pereira echoed Comcast’s sentiments about the decision, “G4 has tried to make this same deal for over 3 years but DirecTV has rejected this [time], claiming that they do not see the value in G4.” So sounds like that DIRECTV didn’t want to pay for the channel. I am glad that I didn’t lose that channel. I have and work for DISH Network and they still have G4.

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