How Denim Therapy saved my jeans

Damn Crotch Blowouttl;dr – Try Denim Therapy if you care enough about your damaged jeans.

I don’t know if it’s the way I sit or if it’s the recent trend to slim down jeans, but my jeans have torn more over the past few years than they ever had before. I’m not even talking about any sudden rips when picking things up or whatever, but just everyday wear and tear.

Just in March I bought a pair of Nudie Jeans at Bloomingdales and within six months it began to wear down around the crotch area. While this issue isn’t necessarily new for me, it definitely gets frustrating to see a perfectly wearable pair of jeans to render useless just because of an accidental tear in an unfortunate area. Seeing it happen in less than six months make it a consumer tragedy.

Crotch blowout within 6 months is a consumer tragedy
Crotch blowout within 6 months is a consumer tragedy

And this isn’t because of a certain brand or price point, either. I’ve had the same thing happened ranging from a $30 pair of Levi’s 514 Slim Straight to this latest pair of $200 Nudie Slim Jim. Crotch blowout seems to be the death of me, or at least my denim collection.I recently heard of a denim repairing service called Denim Therapy, and after some consideration I decided to try it out on my latest victim. It’s admittedly not the cheapest service in the world – they charge about $7 per inch of repair not including shipping. But the thought of buying a brand new pair of jeans, however expensive it may be, even though this pair is perfectly fine seems wasteful.

Not to sound like a hippie or anything, but about “1,500 gallons of water are required to produce the 1.5 pounds of cotton used to make a single pair of jeans, not including the water used to dye and finish the fabric” (source). To think this could be reduced by a couple stitches, I talked myself into trying Denim Therapy.

Results were greatI mailed out my jeans on the 4th and have just received the package back today on November 23rd, about 14 business days. The service was relatively speedy since much of that time was in shipment, and it’s probably a bit quicker if you live closer to where they are in Brooklyn, New York.

The results were great. Yes, you can still see where the work was done, but only when you look real close to it. And let’s face it, no one is going to. It looks overall much stronger than it was originally as well, so I’m hoping this fix will last much longer. They even fixed the other side where it was starting to wear out, even though I wasn’t quoted for that side of the repair.

Denim Therapy - After
Completely fixed the tear!

And like they said on their website, they didn’t just put a simple patch on it. Instead they append this bandage-like wrap around it and re-sew new threads onto damaged area. I flipped the jeans inside out and you can just see the amount of work done over it.

Flipped my jeans inside out
Flipped my jeans inside out
Close up of my inside out jeans
Close up of my inside out jeans

I was definitely skeptical of the service, especially when the price isn’t the cheapest to begin with. A lot of people will probably brush off a tear and buy a replacement pair at the closest Gap or H&M, but this is definitely a good service for those who care enough about denim.

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