Club Nintendo Coins expiring on June 30

Club NintendoJune 30 is the last day to redeem the Club Nintendo Coins you’ve earned between the year 2008 and 2009. Club Nintendo is a rewards program that allow gamers to earn Coins for purchasing games, game systems, as well as answering surveys on Nintendo’s website. Coins can be used for exclusive gifts that are not available anywhere else.

Club Nintendo Coins expired after two full Club Nintendo years, beginning from July 1 to June 30. So that means if you’ve earned any Coins in the Club Nintendo year from July 1, 2008 to June, 2009, next Thursday (June 20) will be the last day you’ll be able to spend your Coins for various gifts listed on the website.

Super Mario Tote Bag from Club Nintendo
I recently spent 250 Coins on this Super Mario tote bag

But what’s more is that you can reach a different status by earning a specific amount of Coins during that Club Nintendo year. Earning 300 coins will promote you to Gold status while earning 600 will get you to the Platinum level. Being promoted to those statuses will earn you a bonus gift sent directly from Nintendo at the end of that Club Nintendo year. Those statuses will reset every Club Nintendo year.

If you are short on Coins, you can earn quite a few of them by taking short surveys on the Club Nintendo website. The surveys range from product registrations (ie: What made you decide on buying this game?) to post play surveys (ie: How are you liking the game?). For a limited time, you can also earn Coins by linking your Nintendo 3DS to the newly launched Nintendo eShop.

You can visit the Club Nintendo website as well as its FAQ page for more information.

One thought on “Club Nintendo Coins expiring on June 30

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