Introducing Everest, a productivity app for iOS

Everest iOS App LogoWe’re in the middle of January and a lot of people are still working on what they want to achieve in 2013. For me, it’s to re-activate this blog and publish a new blog post once a week.

My friend Rod recently told me about a project he’s been working on. Combining a reminder, a to-do list, and a social network, Everest is a productivity app for the iOS that aims to help you live your dreams and achieve your goals.

I still remember this line (I tend to pick up sayings and re-adapt them as life lessons) from this episode of The Simpsons where Bart was helping Ms. Krapappel set up a muffin store so he could avoid confessing to her he was the reason why she got fired. Through The Answer, a spoof of The Secret, he suggested to “break your dream down into smaller wishes, then break those down into wish-able actions.” Everest helps you do exactly that.

Instead of just saying “I want to lose weight this year” (which is a bad goal to begin with since your goals should be quantifiable so it can easily be measured), Everest helps you set a goal, along with helping you set smaller, concrete steps that will help you reach that goal.

Think of the app as a reminder and a to do list, separated by your goals that are on their Facebook-like pages. Let’s say I want to start going to the gym three times a week. I set that goal in Everest and I can set the app to remind me to go every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday night.

What’s different with Everest is that your goals can also be made sharable, so your friends (or the Everest community at large) can comment on your recent activity to cheer you on, or even copy your steps to help them achieve their own goals. For example, my step of going to the gym is pretty specific to my overall goal of “Exercise three times a week”, but someone can easily adapt that step to help him/her achieve a different goal, like losing 15 pounds or doing 100 pushups.

This is a fairly new app, so naturally the community is still fairly small as of now. But I must admit I’ve been doing pretty well; In just over two weeks, I’ve now abandoned the snooze button (by creating a daily reminder to put my phone in the bathroom) and I’ve already set a recurring schedule to help me re-activate this very blog.

So do you absolutely need Everest? Probably not, but then again do you really need anything if you set your mind to it? You can easily break down your goals into smaller steps and just make a to-do list or even iOS’s default Reminders or Calendars app to help remind you. Point is, you just have to do it.

Everest looks to be a three-in-one: a reminder, a to-do list, and a social network. It’s also fairly new, completely free, and might just be the do-it-all solution that can help you achieve your goal. You can learn more about this app on their  website or  download the free app at the iTunes App Store.

Have you tried Everest, or do you have other productivity apps that can help you achieve your goals? Let me know by leaving a comment below or on Twitter @vdot90. As I’m working on re-activating this blog, your feedback is worth gold to me! 😀

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