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Dear friend,

As Ian went to Japan for most of this month (his dream vacation to solo-travel across Japan), I had plenty of time to be bored and alone — not in a bad way but so that I can reset and reflect to take better care of myself.. Part of that included cleaning and moving some stuff around the apartment — tinker tinker tinker, as Ian would say — and ended up with a more workable desk.

For example, I spent this month “treating myself” and finally getting some things I’ve had my eyes on for a long time. I was nerding out on lossless audio and went deep into a rabbit hole on hi-fi headphones and IEMs. Hours of YouTube later and I gave in to getting a pair of Final Audio E4000. The audio quality of these earbuds is great, but what’s even better was that it gave my beloved iPhone SE (with a headphone jack) a second life as a dedicated music player!

And on the topic of music, I finally had the chance to see Darren Hayes in concert! In all honesty, he is one of three music artists that I feel deeply connected to — that is to unironically say that they’ve shaped the world I see and the life I live. Darren was basically retired until last year, so I knew that this is perhaps going to be my last chance to see him perform live. I couldn’t sleep the night before, so in a very classic Winson fashion, I wrote him a letter. As I put my excitement and anxiety into words, I realized how much of a blessing it is to have someone to aspire, connect, and grow with, for decades no less.

Lastly, I started setting up a nightly reminder to write a sentence to recap what’s worth remembering that day. Less frou frou than a gratitude journal and way less effort than a daily blog, it’s been a nice routine for me to reflect as a good way to give my anxiety and overthinking a home. This also happens to nicely complement my monthly photos! Take a look and let me know what you think!

I hope you’re doing well, and please share this newsletter if you think other people can benefit from it! They can also subscribe to the newsletters or check out past issues directly here.

Love wins




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