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  • Chapter 4: Being Gay

    I spent the first sixteen years of my life learning I should be true to myself because love is love regardless of gender, only to spend the next sixteen realizing the very people I’m naturally attracted to wants nothing to do with me.

  • Chapter 2: Failure

    It’s one thing to be a perfectionist, but it’s another to be so paranoid of mistakes that we end up not doing anything, or worse, giving up. This is part two of my project Ingredients of Fear, where I would peel back the onion and reveal everything that’s been beating me down and holding me…

  • 100w100d: Interstate 5

    Day 91 of #100w100d: One of the best part of my 6-hour drive to/from the Bay Area is the fact that I can finally catch up on my never-ending Podcast queue.

  • 100w100d: Just Jokes

    Day 89 of #100w100d: I’m not sure where my sense of humor came from. I’d never been inspired by any particular comedian growing up, though I suppose a big part is just how I see the world.

  • 100w100d: My Teachers, My Heroes

    Day 86 of #100w100d: Growing up, I was always that kid who hung out with teachers during recess and lunch.

  • Introducing 100w100d

    Day 1: I’m great at starting things… but not so much with following through with them.

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