Snoozing Mavericks

During a BART ride on my way home from a long day at work, I was daydreaming for excuses where I could take some down time and escape from all the daily stress in my life. Away from all the stressful projects at work, away from these errands I have to do around the house, and most of all away from these minute things that I know I have to do but totally don’t want to. I wanted a quick break for myself before the holiday season arrives to steal the rest of the year away.

Then something dawned on me, something so ridiculously nerdy that it’s almost perfect. I’m going to start planning for an annual retreat based on the location named for each OS X release. First up: Mavericks, California.

Lone Man at Mavericks, CA
Lone Man at Mavericks, CA

I am fortunate enough to live in California with some of the most beautiful places located right around me, yet I never visit any of these places because I’m either too busy (like everyone else), or they’re places I never think of visiting.

One of the things I really miss from my college days is the yearly retreat hosted by The Women Center. It’s a weekend of relaxation but also it’s an incredible opportunity to reflect on where you are and where you want to be. Setting time aside away from everyday life to reflect and set goals is important and frankly, I haven’t done that in a while.

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100w100d: Dave

The Camera

Day 76: I name all my gadgets, and Dave is my first dSLR — Nikon D70. I got him in 2004 after receiving my first paycheck from the first “real” job in Hong Kong. Every weekend, I would bring Dave along and spend the day getting lost in the massive city while take pictures.

Nowadays, I’m pretty much resorted to taking snapshots and Instagram for convenience. It wasn’t until I dusted off Dave the other day and began shooting around in my apartment did I realize just how much I miss photography.

It’s like having an actual meal after years of eating candy.

100w100d: Monochromatic Life

Black and White

Day 8:I still remember how for the first five years of my life, my family and I would huddle around our black and white television around dinner time. I still have fond memories of it, the sound the channel dial made while clicking and the angle of the bunny antenna ears were arranged.

Fast forward to 2013, I’ve arbitrarily decided to create a monochromatic presence to my online life, from my user picture on Twitter to the pictures I’ve uploaded onto Instagram.

It’s such a sophisticated, clean style while offering much greater flexibility creatively than typical color photos. Funny how that works.