Category: Ingredients of Fear

  • Chapter 6: Left Behind

    The older I get, the more wedding invites I receive, the more often people move away, and the more times I have to wave goodbye to my friends. This week, a three-part exploratory thought process on my struggle in making friends, my fear in being left behind, and my failure to adapt to the grown…

  • Chapter 5: Inferiority

    Growing up my parents always taught me to be humble and to stay grounded, and over the years I somehow managed to ruminate that valuable lesson into a kidney stone of insecurity. They taught me not to boast about my achievements, so instead I learned to focus only on my failures.

  • The Ingredients of Fear

    Fear isn’t something that goes away. It lingers on, because it’s the only thing that you hold on to; like gravity it keeps you on the ground, safe from harm. Fear is also that one step from reaching your goals and dreams.

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