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  • Forty, the Playlist

    Forty, the Playlist

    Here are forty songs representing my forty years on earth (so far!)

  • 100w100d: Cher

    Day 84: Let’s get this out of the way: Cher is not Madonna. She’s actually not a lot of things. She’s not as short, submissive, nor young as our society limits her as a female entertainer. And then there’s her voice… not at all what you expect in a woman singer. It really is too […]

  • 100w100d: ARTPOP

    Day 79: I’ve never been a fan of Lady Gaga. Fame Monster to me was generic and thought Born This Way to be full of clichés — she was but another artist hopping on the It Gets Getter bandwagon popular at the time. But I’m pleasantly surprised by Artpop despite what everyone’s been saying. No […]

  • 100w100d: Bad Habit

    Day 75: For someone who’s shamelessly frugal, one of the things I do buy on a regular basis is music. I’m big on personal growth, so I’m always curious to see how my favorite artists have grown through their latest work. Adding to the fact that I follow both English and Chinese music (Cantopop), I […]

  • 100w100d: Darren Hayes

    Day 72: Darren Hayes has and always will be the artist I can most relate to. Admittedly, it’s a little delusional to imagine how one can possibly relate to someone who doesn’t even know your existence. I know it’s silly. But through his songs there’s also this sense of openness; his songs are something I […]

  • 100w100d: 4'33"

    Day 71: I like to listen to music when I write, usually with headphones. Shrinking me into a smaller world, music sets me away from my daily worries and allows me to focus solely on the choice and order of my words. But today is different. I’m at the library and there’s no talking. Instead […]