100w100d: Amanda

Amanda being fancy at MixologyDay 51: My college friend Amanda recently stopped by LA and we spent a day last week catching up. She’s one of the very few people who I feel 100% comfortable around. From a terrible joke to a life-affirming hug, we’re always on the same page despite being miles apart or the (not that) many years since our college days.

She also happens to look and act exactly like Linda from Bob’s Burgers. From the funky red-framed glasses to her love for singing, I’m reminded how blessed I am to have a friend just like her every time I watch that show.

100w100d: Ellen Joyce Loo

Day 30: Some time in the past two years, I’ve unknowingly but surely fallen head over heels with Hong Kong artist Ellen Loo.

Often melancholic and always elegantly arranged, her music isn’t built on catchiness but its charm will warm up to you before you even take notice. Satellite Lover can stir me up just as easily as Departure can make me waltz my night away.

I also adore what she’s trying to do. Constantly strive to improve herself and set on carving her own path, I happily look up to her for inspiration every time I get knocked down from life.

100w100d: Facebook

Day 25: To ween off Facebook, I recently decided to remove the app on my iPhone. It’s only been a few days, but the itch is ever so prevalent every time I unlock my phone. Did anyone like anything? Did anyone comment on anything? I never realized how these silly numbers and strings of text could become the currency of my self-worth.

More importantly, Facebook has turned this… feeling into something so quantifiable and marketable. It’s not enough to know if someone likes you, because the answer is no longer true or false, but how many.

Question is, where does it end?

100w100d: Donna Noble

Day 20: I had no idea who Catherine Tate was until one night when I was hours into my Doctor Who marathon viewing, half asleep and faintly recognizing this red-headed person as the same unfunny British woman in The Office that’s seasons past its prime. Really?

But color me surprised, her character in Doctor Who is simply fantastic. Loudmouth and fiercely independent, Donna’s personality is a sharp contrast to her otherwise dull, ordinary life. She’s not useless and unlike the Doctor’s other companions, she’s not at all head over heels about him.

Donna Noble, the most important woman in all of creation!

100w100d: The Doctor

Day 13: After hearing so many good things and seeing how prevalent Doctor Who is in the comic conventions I’ve been to, it was something I had to at least give it a shot.

But the series took its time to grow on me. I didn’t like the 9th doctor and I found the series to be super cheesy, not unlike the MTV’s Undressed of Sci-Fi. It was only in the season with Catherine Tate that I finally learned to trust The Doctor.

Now all I want to do is to step inside the TARDIS and have it whoosh my worries away.