Category: Videogames

  • 100w100d: A Link Between Worlds

    Day 93 of #100w100d: Ten hours and I’ve yet to be able to put this game down.

  • 100w100d: Wii Fit U

    Day 64: I’m a pretty big quantified-selfer, or in a broader sense, a data nerd. From tracking my music listening habit to my weight to even my social reach, I use quantitative data to detail aspects of my life I wouldn’t have otherwise noticed. Lately I’ve been using Wii Fit U and its pedometer to…

  • 100w100d: I finally understand Wii U

    Day 63: I didn’t really know why I bought a Wii U. I bought it by impulse because it came with my favorite Zelda title, but in terms of hardware there’s no one feature that got me super excited. It wasn’t until I saw Super Mario 3D World and thought about my friend and her…

  • 100w100d: Stress

    Day 36: A lot of people have told me that I don’t know how to not be stressed. I’m actually quite adept at managing stressful situations but it does take me some time to unwind when everything is over.

  • 100w100d: Reset

    Day 28: With everybody working (and networking) overtime during E3 week, my apartment was less of a quiet sanctuary and more of a Nascar pit stop.

  • 100w100d: Animal Crossing

    Day 27: Animal Crossing is a game that looks incredibly dumb on the surface, simply because you won’t understand its charm and addictive gameplay unless you play for yourself.

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