Category: Writing

  • Chapter 3: Coming Out

    At age sixteen, I came out to myself the only way I know how — with a website. Now I’m trying to do it all again with the Ingredients of Fear.

  • Chapter 1: The Reset Button

    The good thing about moving so often is that you get to hit the big red reset button every single time to restart your life. Like a witness protection program I’m sent to a different city again and again, every time with the opportunity to be anyone I want to be.

  • Ahhhhhh fuck it

    I’m launching something both exciting and terrifying on my website on 1.1.2015. Watch this space (or sign up for my TinyLetter newsletter below)! Love wins

  • It’s Oh So Quiet

    It’s been so long since I last wrote something here. Since finishing my #100w100d project last December, I was hoping to take a quick step back and look at where I should proceed from there.

  • 100w100d: Finish Line

    Day 100 of #100w100d: And here we are, at the finished line.

  • 100w100d: Poetry

    Day 90 of #100w100d: Poetry has this perfect balance between imagination and expression. Every word counts, yet what’s not said is just as important as the negative space of any piece of art.

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