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Dear Friend, is a monthly email featuring personal updates, as well as meaningful articles and videos that I’ve read, learned, or otherwise came across that month. My hope is that you will find these features interesting, if not helpful, as well. It’s completely free, though you can scroll down and learn more about the newsletter if you’re not completely sold on it.

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Why are you starting a newsletter?
First and foremost to stay in touch with my friends — or friends to be. Part blog, part newsletter, Dear Friend, is a good way to update my friends and share with them about some of the things I’m into lately.

What can I expect from this newsletter?
Mostly personal updates, but it will also include interesting things I came across for that month. Things like interesting articles, YouTube videos, cool infographics, or even a recipe I recently discovered! Why not, right?

Is this really free? Or will you upsell me further down the line?
It’s 100% free. No plan to upsell you — just trying to share my writing to my friends!

Cool, I’m into it. How do I sign up?
You can sign up below:

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