100w100d: Coexistence


Day 95: As much of a Christmas nut as I am, my parents are surprisingly less so — they’re probably the least festive people you’ll ever meet. Thankfully, we were invited to a Christmas dinner this year, hosted by one of my parent’s church friends.

Being a non-religious gay man, it would’ve been easy to brush off the invite and retort with a snarky, self-important joke. Instead I’m so grateful to be invited to take part in celebrating their most important day of the year.

A lot of people wish for world peace, and learning to coexist is the first step toward that.

100w100d: Dickens Fair

Christmas Carol

Day 93: I’m a huge sucker for Christmas, and it was only when my friends invited me last second years ago was I introduced to the magical world of the Dickens Fair. As if a time machine (or TARDIS, let’s be real here) could take us back to the Victorian London, Dickens Fair changes the Cow Palace in San Francisco from top the bottom, with Christmas spirit filled to the brim.

Every winter I return to the Bay anticipating returning to the fair, only to find out I’d just missed it. This year marks the first year and I simply can’t wait.