Introducing Everest, a productivity app for iOS

Everest iOS App LogoWe’re in the middle of January and a lot of people are still working on what they want to achieve in 2013. For me, it’s to re-activate this blog and publish a new blog post once a week.

My friend Rod recently told me about a project he’s been working on. Combining a reminder, a to-do list, and a social network, Everest is a productivity app for the iOS that aims to help you live your dreams and achieve your goals.

I still remember this line (I tend to pick up sayings and re-adapt them as life lessons) from this episode of The Simpsons where Bart was helping Ms. Krapappel set up a muffin store so he could avoid confessing to her he was the reason why she got fired. Through The Answer, a spoof of The Secret, he suggested to “break your dream down into smaller wishes, then break those down into wish-able actions.” Everest helps you do exactly that. Continue reading “Introducing Everest, a productivity app for iOS”