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  • 100w100d: Perfect Day

    Dy 98 of #100w100d: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry. I got to do all three today.

  • 100w100d: Friends

    Day 94 of #100w100d: A big part of my SF trip this time is to catch up with my friends and family. There are so many people I haven’t talked to in years, simply because I’m never around long enough to do so.

  • 100w100d: They Spoil Me

    Day 59: My homies from SF came down to LA for a weekend getaway. The whole conversation started from how I’d never been to Disneyland and the next thing I knew there were four extra bodies sleeping at my shoebox studio apartment. We had brunch the next day and they asked why I always give…

  • 100w100d: Amanda

    Day 51: My college friend Amanda recently stopped by LA and we spent a day last week catching up. She’s one of the very few people who I feel 100% comfortable around. From a terrible joke to a life-affirming hug, we’re always on the same page despite being miles apart or the (not that) many…

  • 100w100d: Invitation

    Day 39: It’s pretty much common knowledge among my friends that even though I love to hang out, I’m not really the type of person who will call up my friends and ask if they’re free.

  • 100w100d: Homies

    Day 38: My friends and I went to Chicago for a quick weekend getaway. We’ve grown a lot since we first met in high school, but it’s funny how we revert back to our teenage years whenever we get together.

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