100w100d: Habits

Day 46: I’m fascinated by how habits get started. Humans may be creatures of habit, but our minds are actually designed to always choose the easier route (to keep us safe) unless that work provides pleasure or reward.

I’ve been trying to start a gym routine for years with little success. I would go on for awhile only to stop for one reason (excuse) or another. Guilt would eventually set in and I’d begin the whole process again…

The logical step is to connect working out with a reward, though my mind is already saying “let’s just not go”.

Shut up, brain.

100w100d: 100 words

Day 37: Today is day 37 of my 100 words for 100 days project. Initially, I wanted to use this project to reset my writing habit. Close to no commitment, all I really have to do is throw down 100 words and call it a day.

What’s surprising is that I’ve been putting off on this project (besides the insanity that is at work) not because I’m running out of ideas to write about, but I feel increasingly restricted by the 100-word limit.

I have ideas floating around, but don’t want to “waste” them by writing something down that’s severely abridged. Hmmph.