100w100d: High School Days

My High School Homies

Day 44: It’s been thirteen years since I graduated high school, and from time to time I still wonder how I managed to pull it off. With seven diverse subjects , all with its own daily homework assignments, projects, and demands on top of all the “optional” extracurricular activities, it’s easy to forget how much work you have to endure as a high school student.

Nowadays, I’m working full-time at a job with unpredictable hours, but in many ways it’s still easier (and more straightforward) than my life in high school. It serves as a good reminder whenever complacence slips in.

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100w100d: Homies


Day 38: My friends and I went to Chicago for a quick weekend getaway. We’ve grown a lot since we first met in high school, but it’s funny how we revert back to our teenage years whenever we get together.

But we don’t do what grown ups do when we travel. We rarely drink and we certainly don’t hit up rooftop parties. Instead we sightsee, make lame jokes, and laugh our way throughout the trip like crazy kids because it’s the one time we get to do so.

It’s simple yet magnificent; my friends hold the very last bit of my innocence.