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  • What Fills Your Cup 🍵

    What Fills Your Cup 🍵

    Dear friend, Hey, how’s it going? So I was reviewing my memorandom for May (where I write a sentence to recap what’s worth remembering that day) and noticed so much of it was about work. I do wonder if work is worth remembering, or at least worth taking up that day’s one sentence, or if…

  • Just buy that cup of coffee ☕️

    Just buy that cup of coffee ☕️

    Dear friend, As Ian went to Japan for most of this month (his dream vacation to solo-travel across Japan), I had plenty of time to be bored and alone — not in a bad way but so that I can reset and reflect to take better care of myself.. Part of that included cleaning and…

  • Let the Rain Fall Down ☔️

    Let the Rain Fall Down ☔️

    Dear friend, Hey there, how’s it going? It’s been a minute since I last wrote. Last month was so busy to the point where I didn’t really have time to wind down. Being a Program Manager, at least for me, often times means being the least knowledgable person in the room with the most responsibility.…

  • ¡Hola, yo soy Winson! 🇪🇸

    ¡Hola, yo soy Winson! 🇪🇸

    Dear friend, Hey there, how’s it going? It’s been a super busy month for me, so please forgive me for writing you a shorter letter than usual!  Earlier this month, I randomly decided to download Duolingo (profile) and started learning Spanish. I’ve been wanting to learn Spanish for a while, mostly because to me Latin culture…

  • Last Call for 2022 🕯️

    Last Call for 2022 🕯️

    Dear friend, Hey, how’s it going on the very last day of 2022! Can you believe this year is already, basically over? Time flew by (doesn’t it always), but whether the year was good or bad (or probably both?), I hope you’re doing well and are enjoying some well-deserved down time. I’m not big on…

  • Now at 40; Now we go again 🔄

    Now at 40; Now we go again 🔄

    Dear friend, Hey, how’s it going?  After spending so much time last month reminiscing (and creating my playlist Forty, where I picked 40 songs to represent my life so far), I thought I’d be ready to reset for my new decade. Then during November came one headwind after another — nothing too severe —  but…

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