DirecTV drops G4TV

tl;dr – DirecTV’s recent move in dropping G4TV isn’t really bringing me to tears. I just hope X-Play will have a home when time comes.

G4TV - Image from WikipediaDirecTV has recently decided to remove G4TV from their channel lineup. I’m not sure how the tech-focused channel is doing as a whole, but DirecTV has about 18 million subscribers the last time I checked and losing that many potential viewers can’t possibily be good no matter how you look at it.

Then again, I never had G4TV even though I’ve been a DirecTV customer for the past four years. I do, however, watch their shows occasionally on hulu and subscribe to their video podcasts [iTunes link], and from what I’ve seen, I can’t say I’m much of a fan of the network.

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When not to read videogame reviews

tl;dr – Despite how videogame reviews help consumers decide which game to buy, sometimes they tell you too much and will end up ruining your appetite.

I was originally going to title this post, My Love/Hate Relationship with Videogame Reviews. But as I’m writing this I realize that’s not really the message I’m trying to get across.

To say I grew up reading videogame reviews would be an understatement. From GamePro to EGM, from readers’ artworks to the game genie codes at the back, I was always that kid in the magazine section of Safeway for hours on end.

And when I was a kid, armed only with the original Game Boy when many of my friends had already moved up to the Super Nintendo, I relied on videogame reviews to know which game to get next while calculating how many more weeks of chores I’d have to put up with until I could afford Metroid II. While my rich friends were playing and boasting Super Metroid in full 16-bit SNES glory, I confided in the reviews to take me to the promise land: “Four more weeks of limescale scrubbing and I’ll be able to reunite with Samus Aran and her four shades of gray.”

I mean, just look at that space suit…
Image from Wikipedia.

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