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  • ¡Hola, yo soy Winson! 🇪🇸

    ¡Hola, yo soy Winson! 🇪🇸

    Dear friend, Hey there, how’s it going? It’s been a super busy month for me, so please forgive me for writing you a shorter letter than usual!  Earlier this month, I randomly decided to download Duolingo (profile) and started learning Spanish. I’ve been wanting to learn Spanish for a while, mostly because to me Latin culture…

  • Last Call for 2022 🕯️

    Last Call for 2022 🕯️

    Dear friend, Hey, how’s it going on the very last day of 2022! Can you believe this year is already, basically over? Time flew by (doesn’t it always), but whether the year was good or bad (or probably both?), I hope you’re doing well and are enjoying some well-deserved down time. I’m not big on…

  • Now at 40; Now we go again 🔄

    Now at 40; Now we go again 🔄

    Dear friend, Hey, how’s it going?  After spending so much time last month reminiscing (and creating my playlist Forty, where I picked 40 songs to represent my life so far), I thought I’d be ready to reset for my new decade. Then during November came one headwind after another — nothing too severe —  but…

  • You Can’t Spell SpOoOky without OoO 😱

    You Can’t Spell SpOoOky without OoO 😱

    Dear friend, Hey, how’s it going? It’s hard to imagine that this is my last month before turning forty 😱! I’ll go more into it next month, but it’s been weighty month to reflect on my life so far. Aside from that, work has been picking up steam as Ian and I are getting ready…

  • Here’s The Thing About Change 🌱

    Here’s The Thing About Change 🌱

    Dear friend, Hey, how’s it going? This month has been really busy, and along with it came so much tiredness. I now have to commute down to Cupertino three times a week and it’s going… fine. While having in-person meetings is surprisingly helpful, my workdays are sometimes stretched to 10+ hours in addition to the…

  • Happiness is a Muscle 💪🏼

    Happiness is a Muscle 💪🏼

    Dear Friend, Hey, how’s it going? After months of indecisions, I finally made a big-boy purchase for a M2 Macbook Air. It’s to encourage me to write more, but so far I’ve just been using it as a big screen YouTube machine. But the potential is there, I promise! All jokes aside, my hope is…

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