100w100d: Poetry

Day 91: There’s this gradual revelation throughout this 100 words for 100 days project to learn more about poetry. There have been challenging occasions to limit my message to exactly 100 words, similar to how a tweet is restricted to 140 characters. Everything has to be as concise as can be; there’s this unexplainable beauty underneath its frankness.

Poetry has this perfect balance between imagination and expression. Every word counts, yet what’s not being said is just as important as the negative space of any piece of art.

Like a boy, I’m equally nervous and excited to make my introduction to you.

100w100d: Books

My Reward.

Day 14: I absolutely adore books. I love how it’s both uniquely human for us to be able to hold up an open book with one hand and give us this God-like freedom to write, fold, or destroy pages simply because we feel like it.

And by stringing a few words together, they can get you inside characters’ heads and surrender your trust to the author. Words can be as delicate as a melancholy Haiku, or they can be as powerful as a nuclear weapon.

Cat videos might be popular on the Internet, but books will forever be shelved in my heart.


The year is 2012, and the word on the Internet superhighway is that the blogosphere is dying. In fact, some say that the Internet itself is being replaced by the new promised land of social media.

The notion is that people have shorter attention span than ever before. People don’t have time to sit and read anymore. They’re barely able to watch a two-hour movie without checking their Facebook on their phones.

So with the change of how people take in information, content is now served in smaller bites and is shared socially than having a dedicated home/website. Instead of a blog post, video and status updates are now the new king of media. Anything more than 140 characters would be considered a long read and a TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) is in order.

The thing is, I believe in writing. I really do.

Never have I been granted a tool that allows me to put my thoughts directly into an audience’s head. Sure, I can take a picture or capture a video to convey my message, but they are but mere eyes in comparison to writing. They just show what I’m seeing, and nothing more.

But with writing, and with words, I can put my audience in the driver seat. If I’m try hard enough, I can even convince the audience that the world is flat and that Britney Spears is the greatest singer in the world. No video can ever accomplish that.

Like many, I have a presence in social media. I am on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Last.fm, and hell, even Path. But as much of an over-sharer as I may be, nothing comes as close and authentic to who I am as this very blog. In my many years of having an online life, I’ve never thought once of starting a photoblog because I can never convey as much of my thoughts, visions, and ideas better than with words.

Anyone can take a picture of a frou-frou meal and masks his/her insecurities behind the Valencia filter on Instagram. But only I can be at my most expressive and direct when I’m writing. Some people hide behind their words, and well, I suppose I’m a man who stands by mine.

I don’t want to show you my life; I want you in my life.

❤ wins

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