• What Fills Your Cup 🍵

    What Fills Your Cup 🍵

    Dear friend, Hey, how’s it going? So I was reviewing my memorandom for May (where I write a sentence to recap what’s worth remembering that day) and noticed so much of it was about work. I do wonder if work…

  • What’s Worth Remembering: May 2023

    What’s Worth Remembering: May 2023

    Here what’s worth remembering for May 2023.

  • Just buy that cup of coffee ☕️

    Just buy that cup of coffee ☕️

    Dear friend, As Ian went to Japan for most of this month (his dream vacation to solo-travel across Japan), I had plenty of time to be bored and alone — not in a bad way but so that I can…

  • What’s Worth Remembering: April 2023

    What’s Worth Remembering: April 2023

    Here what’s worth remembering for April 2023.

  • Dear Darren Hayes

    Dear Darren Hayes

    Dear Darren, I finally get to see you in person tonight. Both of us had shared the same secret at the same time, and even though you don’t know me, your songs tell me otherwise. Because of this, In high…

  • Let the Rain Fall Down ☔️

    Let the Rain Fall Down ☔️

    Dear friend, Hey there, how’s it going? It’s been a minute since I last wrote. Last month was so busy to the point where I didn’t really have time to wind down. Being a Program Manager, at least for me,…

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