100 Words for 100 Days

100 Words in 100 Days (#100w100d) was a project I started in 2013 where I would write a blog post in exactly 100 words for 100 days. It originated as a project to jumpstart my writing habit, but over time these posts turned into daily postcards showcasing the minute beauty of day-to-day life. These posts ranged from inspirational music artists, to my love for my pair of broken sneakers, to even a post about my dad — all of these posts would live neatly next to one another, each in its own 100-word space and world.

George makes me happy. #WhatMakesYouHappy #LetsTalkHappiness #100w100d
Day 6: Happy
Day 13: The Doctor
I was going to turn this black and white to go with the monochromatic theme I've been doing this year. But my friend said said this is about Pride and Pride is all about the colors. He's right.
Day 24: Pride Weekend
Los Angeles
Day 32: LA
Day 43: Two Years
My friends spoil me
Day 59: They Spoil Me
Rufus Wainwright is my life.
Day 67: Music
Dave the Camera
Day 76: Dave
My Reward.
Day 88: Introvert
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry... Life is great when you get to do all three in a day. #vscocam
Day 98: Perfect Day

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