100w100d: Best Part of Being Gay

Confessions on the Dance Floor

Day 4: How can you summarize being gay in 100 words, let alone explain the best part of it?

I can’t force anybody to believe that homosexuality isn’t a choice, though ironically the best part of it — this freedom to love yourself — is adaptable by anyone regardless of sexuality.

By coming out, we’ve accepted and embraced who we love, but we’re also liberated from any bullshit gender roles Society has arbitrarily place on everybody else. Who says pink is for girls? Who says gays can’t be bros? We don’t give a shit. Because what are you going to do, call us gay?

2 thoughts on “100w100d: Best Part of Being Gay

    1. That’s pretty amazing. Is that a high school assembly? What amazed me the most was the supportive audience!

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