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  • Forty, the Playlist

    Forty, the Playlist

    Here are forty songs representing my forty years on earth (so far!)

  • I got a job at Apple! 

    I got a job at Apple! 

    The dream started with a Blueberry iMac G3

  • Chapter 1: The Reset Button

    The good thing about moving so often is that you get to hit the big red reset button every single time to restart your life. Like a witness protection program I’m sent to a different city again and again, every time with the opportunity to be anyone I want to be.

  • Ahhhhhh fuck it

    I’m launching something both exciting and terrifying on my website on 1.1.2015. Watch this space (or sign up for my TinyLetter newsletter below)! Love wins

  • Wake Me Up When Lent Season Ends

    Facebook wasn’t a part of my life as much as my life had became specifically planned around it. I had to cut the cord somewhere, so for Lent this year I decided to give up Facebook and social media altogether.

  • Why I’m Moving Back

    Hey guys, this is Winson. I’m moving back to San Francisco. Here’s why.

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