100w100d: The Doctor

Day 13: After hearing so many good things and seeing how prevalent Doctor Who is in the comic conventions I’ve been to, it was something I had to at least give it a shot.

But the series took its time to grow on me. I didn’t like the 9th doctor and I found the series to be super cheesy, not unlike the MTV’s Undressed of Sci-Fi. It was only in the season with Catherine Tate that I finally learned to trust The Doctor.

Now all I want to do is to step inside the TARDIS and have it whoosh my worries away.




3 responses to “100w100d: The Doctor”

  1. yanniesaurus Avatar

    I felt the same way – it took me a long time also. Who is your fave companion? I love the Ponds and I hate Clara.

    1. wins Avatar

      Amy really grew on me in Series 7, but I would say my favorite is still Donna. Her life is so “ordinary” yet she’s so independent (stubborn) and rowdy, and I find that to be a fascinating contrast with the Doctor.

      1. yanniesaurus Avatar

        Nice choice!

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