100w100d: Habits

Day 46: I’m fascinated by how habits get started. Humans may be creatures of habit, but our minds are actually designed to always choose the easier route (to keep us safe) unless that work provides pleasure or reward.

I’ve been trying to start a gym routine for years with little success. I would go on for awhile only to stop for one reason (excuse) or another. Guilt would eventually set in and I’d begin the whole process again…

The logical step is to connect working out with a reward, though my mind is already saying “let’s just not go”.

Shut up, brain.

3 thoughts on “100w100d: Habits

  1. Sometimes I wish you’d move back so we can be hiking buddies, pushing each other to get out there. Next time you come back, let’s do Mission Peak.

  2. Habits and human brains are interesting combinations. Have you read The Oatmeal comic about why the creator has taken up running? You might be able to relate to parts of it

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