Let the Rain Fall Down ☔️

Dear friend,

Hey there, how’s it going? It’s been a minute since I last wrote.

Last month was so busy to the point where I didn’t really have time to wind down. Being a Program Manager, at least for me, often times means being the least knowledgable person in the room with the most responsibility. I’m managing a lot of communications with leadership and best-in-class engineers, all the while trying to silence this persistent thought of, “I don’t even fucking know what I’m talking about!”

And to be okay with this constant mental gymnastics on a daily/hourly basis require a lot of self-compassion and grace, something I didn’t think I had time for and end up paying the price. Instead of exercising or meditating because “I’m too busy,” my eczema broke out all over and my chest grew so tight it became challenging to take full breaths.

At some point I had to stop and tell myself, “It’s time to practice what you preach, man.”

So this month I spent some time prioritizing my wellbeing — like signing up for weekly yoga classes and making a solid attempt to get enough sleep (here’s hoping for at least 7 hours). With returning to work three days a week, I don’t have the luxury of sneaking out for long runs anymore, so I need to be more strategic with the things I can do and when.

Throughout the many stressors (from work and life) in the past couple months, I’m just grateful to have Ian’s support, who always bring along a sense of joy and and lightness to my otherwise tough days. I appreciate his meals, jokes, love, and support.

What else… I’ve also been thinking a lot about you, my friend. I know we’re all busy and our lives probably beat to a different drum nowadays, but Life is short so it’s better to just say aloud that you’re often on my mind. Every day I try to use something or listen to songs that would remind me of you. Stay well and safe, friends.

PS: Here are some photos I took last and this month. It’s been really busy so it was hard to even find 10 photos for each month.

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Love wins




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