Last Call for 2022 🕯️

Dear friend,

Hey, how’s it going on the very last day of 2022! Can you believe this year is already, basically over? Time flew by (doesn’t it always), but whether the year was good or bad (or probably both?), I hope you’re doing well and are enjoying some well-deserved down time.

I’m not big on new years resolution, but I do hope we can continue to stay in touch, find peace, and be kind to those who need it most. You mean the world to me (honestly more than you know), so I cherish you being there for me throughout these years!

My year-end stats (based on daily average):

  • 🏃 Walk/Run Distance: 4.5 miles, up from 3.8 miles in 2021
  • 🏋️ Exercise Minutes: 51 minutes/576 calories, up from 46 minutes/563 calories in 2021
  • 😴 Sleep: 7.3 hours, down from 7.5 hours in 2021
  • 🧘 Meditation: 23 minutes, up from 17 in 2021
  • 🎧 Music: My Top 5 Songs, Albums, and Artists (I don’t think these are super accurate, though these albums and playlists are more or less my go-to for focus/work)
  • 📷 Photos I took this year: Check these out if you haven’t; the link will expire by next Newsletter

Similar to last year, in lieu of new recommendations I’ve consolidated the ones mentioned earlier this year below. You can click on the month below to get more context and reason behind the recommendation through past issues. 

📗 Books:

  • January: A Little Hope, by Ethan Joella
  • February: Kindred, by Octavia E. Butler

🎥 Movies:

  • January: The Tragedy of Macbeth
  • February: Swan Song
  • March: Jujutsu Kaisen 0
  • April: Everything Everywhere All at Once
  • June: Fire Island
  • June: Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin: Ladies night Live

🎧 Music:

  • January: MIRROR Essentials
  • February: Playlist from my friend Chris
  • March: Songs of Disappearance
  • April: Solar Power, by Lorde
  • July: Renaissance, by Beyoncé
  • August: Sparrow, by Jump, Little Children
  • October: Fossora, by Björk
  • October: Homosexual, by Darren Hayes
  • October: Profound Memories (I, II, and III), by Röyksopp
  • October: Hold the Girl, by Rina Sawayama

🎤 Podcasts:

  • February: LGBTQ&A
  • March: Wild Things: Siegfried & Roy
  • April: Not A Romatic Story, Alohagwa
  • May: The Problem with Jon Stewart
  • June: How to Talk About Asian American Mental Health (NPR Life Kit)
  • July: Project Unabom
  • August: Planet Money Summer School
  • September: Hidden Brain (2.0 Series)
  • September: State of the Bay
  • September: Throughline
  • September: Uncuffed

📺 TV:

▶️ Youtube: (I limited to my top 5)

And that’s about it for the month of December, and for 2022! Please reply and let me know what you’re up to

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Love wins




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